RESOLUTION digital audio cable is available as RCA / SPDIF and XLR / AES-EBU. Both cables version transmits every detail from the digital files, and enables wide and spacious, 3D sound stage.

Each instrument has plenty of space and background silence, regardless of the track complexity. Entire audio spectrum is sophisticated and comfortable, with powerful and punchy low tones, mid-range purity and fullness, while high frequencies have silky texture without harshness.

Superior-balanced sound makes it RESOLUTION as ideal cable for connection top-class digital music sources and D/A converters.

RESOLUTION achieves such results due to its inventive design that will not compress or blur stereo image, what the commonly constructed coaxial cables will do. WAY Cables has taken another step forward of its own Unique extreme damping system™ from sound vibrations, noise and RFI/EMI/EMF.

Last but not the least, RESOLUTION is unusually flexible and users friendly cable, aesthetically beautiful as it sound. Without any well-known industrial compromises, it is the real state-of-the-art handmade product and represents unbeatable value for money.

Cable name: Way Cables RESOLUTION

Cable type: Digital audio interconnect, SPDIF / RCA or AES-EBU / XLR, directional

Design: Unique extreme damping system™ from sound vibrations, noise and RFI/EMI/EMF interferences

Conductors: Certified soft solid-core 4N pure silver (min. 99.99% purity and >106% conductivity)

Gauge: SPDIF / RCA cable: 20 AWG / 0.52 mm²; AES-EBU / XLR cable: 18.2 AWG / 0.78 mm² total per single

Insulation: Thick and high density weaving pure cotton with 1.3k dielectric constant, specially made for the Way Cables


SPDIF: KLE Innovations ABSOLUTE Harmony RCA plugs (Pure solid silver tubular signal pin & single point ground contact with >106% conductivity, thermoplastic housing)

AES-EBU: WireWorld Silver XLR plugs (Silver-clad oxygen-free pure copper contacts up to 106% conductivity, DuPont teflon insulator, aluminum shell)

Soldering: Lead-free with high percentage of silver

Outer finishes: Royal red thick pure cotton

Outer cable diameter: RCA type: 17 millimeters / XLR type: 18 millimeters

Ring with cable direction marker: Engraved natural bamboo

Burn-in time: >72 hours AES-EBU / XLR cable and >200 hours SPDIF / RCA cable

Notes: Completely handmade and tested. Specifications are subject to change without notice

Way Cables digital cable RESOLUTION users review by Alex from DenmarkI was quite skeptical before I ordered Resolution SPDIF… I pointed out to the manufacturer that I want to test cable on my system without obligation of purchase, because my Rotel 1570 DAC works well with inexpensive coax cable.

Nevertheless, the sound immediately starts to be vivid, rhythmic and smooth when I added Way Cables Resolution digital beast as a link between Cambridge Audio CXC-transport. In short, now I am quite delighted and thankful to you!

This is not only my recommendation for the Resolution digital cable, but on this occasion I also want to ORDER the Silver 3 analog interconnects, which will be a bridge between the DAC and the integrated amplifier Musical Fidelity M3i.

Best regards, Alex Sørensen, Odense, Denmark, November 13, 2015


I want to tell you that I am thrilled with sound improvement in my system, which I got with yours cables.

Digital audio interconnect Resolution and analog RCA Silver 4 plays wonderful in my audio system Cocktail Audio X12 music server / streamer, Audiolab M-DAC, Cyrus CD8 Transport + PSX power supply , Unison Research S6 integrated amp and Elipson Prestige 4 floorstanders …

Both cables have made a dramatic improvement in each segment of sound definition, indeed!

I must to point out that I tested a couple of coaxial cables from other manufacturers before I made a decision. Without any doubts, Resolution has far better sound than competition and without any difficulty enables transfer of full HD 24/192 recordings from my streamer to the DAC. I don’t know why, but some other s/pdif cables could not achieve that transmission.

Final words: after detailed testing, I have concluded that Way Cables are obviously better and much favorable compared to the price-quality ratio of mainstream cables. Moreover, cables design and finish are something special and looks beautiful.

In short, that’s why I have a plan to buy another one Resolution cable with KLEI Pure cinches for the connection between CD transport and DAC.

You’ve done a great things!

Nebojša Zrnović Belgrade, Serbia, July 20, 2015

CHAMPAGNE audio USB cable gives to any Digital-to-Analog converter or Music streamer much more than they expect from the digital music sources, such as computers, NAS or other Network devices.

With CHAMPAGNE cable, the USB connection is no more the weakest link in the audio system, but can reveal its unused potential and new sound dimension.

CHAMPAGNE provides remarkable sound enjoyment that could be greater than using other digital cables, depending on the features of D-A devices. The sound flavor from reference High-Definition music files is soft and fluent with plenty of space and air in details.

CHAMPAGNE audio USB cable is designed with the full implementation of our Unique extreme damping system™ from sound vibrations, noise and RFI/EMI/EMF and it has good flexibility for use.

Cable name: Way Cables CHAMPAGNE

Cable type: Digital audio USB cable, A to B plugs

Design: Unique extreme damping system™ from sound vibrations, noise and RFI/EMI/EMF interferences

Signal conductors: Certified soft solid-core 4N pure silver (min. 99.99% purity and >106% conductivity);

Gauge: 20 AWG / 0.52mm2

Power & grounding: Oxygen-free high conductivity copper 4N+ (min. 99.997% purity, >102% conductivity);

Gauge: 17.7 AWG / 0.88mm2

Insulation: Thick and high density weaving pure cotton with 1.3k dielectric constant, Vacuum-insulated pure copper braid

Termination: Gold plated Copper alloy C7025 contacts, PBT housing, gold plated metal shell

Soldering: Lead-free with high percentage of Silver

Outer finishes: Red thick pure cotton

Outer cable diameter: cca. 25 x 17 millimeters

Marker: Wooden plate with handwritten name and serial number of the cable

Burn-in time: >100 hours

Notes:  Flexible and use suitable cable; Completely handmade and tested


Fans of music and good sound worldwide may go for a listening trial using WAY cables with a prior deposit made and shipping costs paid, but without any purchase obligation.

If you return the cable for any reason in mint condition and original package, within the 14 days of delivery, you will get deposit back and your only expense will be the shipping costs.

Only if you are satisfied with WAY cables, they will remain in your audio system to our mutual satisfaction.


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