Ultimate handmade audio cables from certified soft solid-core pure SILVER & COPPER in COTTON dielectric. Unique damping design & world best plugs

Report from High End Show in Munich 2016

We are happy to inform you that WAY Cables had extremely successful performing and audience at Munich High End Show, from 5  to 8 of May, 2016. Positive feedbacks came from audiophiles brotherhood and audio experts all around the globe, as well as our manufacture...

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Silver 2 RCA users review from Poland: It works!

"And it was a good difference. Highs got cristal clear but without any harshness to it, the scene got more air, the resolution became better, all instruments and tones got separated better and the bass had this nice accent to it. All and all - it works :)", writes...

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IBEX AUDIO represents WAY Cables for GERMANY, AT & CH

We are happy to announce that we established cooperation with IBEX AUDIO, eminent representative of the world leading high-end brands for region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. By becoming a part of the prestigious and carefully selected IBEX AUDIO portfolio, WAY...

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WAY cables are made from soft solid-core pure 4N silver with >106% conductivity or/and OFHC 4N+ copper C10100 with ≥ 102% conductivity, both certified in the UK

All WAY cables are insulated and finished with thick and high density weaving pure cotton, which has 1.3k dielectric constant, closest permittivity to the vacuum and air (1.0k)

WAY cables are packaged in handmade wooden boxes fitted with natural wool. The buyer also receives a product brochure with handwritten cable length and its serial number

WAY cables are handmaded and designed with our Unique extreme damping system™ from sound vibrations, noise and interferences; they are very flexible and user-friendly

Following our uncompromising product quality approach and philosophy of making cables we choose to use best constructed and best sounding plugs for WAY cables

The name of the product and WAY Cables logo are engraved on the lid of the wooden box. Detailed cables specification and author’s signature are on the back side of the brochure